Hey there!

     My name is Dillon Eisman and I live in Malibu, California. I am a rising senior at Malibu High School and I founded Sew Swag in 2014. Sew Swag is a non-profit organization that takes donated, damaged, and unwanted clothing and upcycles them into fashionable garments before distributing them to the homeless in the greater Los Angeles area. 

     In the summer following 8th grade, I decided to figure out how to use my mom's old sewing machine through WikiHow and YouTube. I quickly taught myself the basics and moved on to simple DIY internet tutorials, which I practiced on a bag of clothes my mom was planning on donating to a local shelter. When I was finished, I couldn't believe what a few hours of amateur work could do. The simplest sewing, cutting, and embellishing transformed these used clothes into something new and trendy.

     Ever since then I realized that I could utilize my newly found passion to better my own community. I want to extend my mission of "Upcycling and Uplifting" to other non-profits and organizations in the hopes that we can establish a collaborative effort in clothing people world-wide. I am looking forward to the day where Skid Row looks like Saville Row and where no one who receives second-hand fashion ever feels second-hand again. 

Changing the world... once stitch at a time.

Sew Swag is in the process of becoming a registered 501 (c)(3) organization.