I am proud to announce Sew Swag's partnership with Project Narnia! This wonderful non-profit organization provides clothing, shoes, and personal hygiene products to people in need at weekly pop-up events. Project Narnia's founder, Caitlin Adler, reached out to me after reading my article in People Magazine. Like me, Caitlin just recently begun her endeavor to help the homeless in the greater Los Angeles area. She gave me a bag of around a dozen clothes to upcycle for her. Check out the transformations I have already done in the "projects" tab periodically throughout the week! 



Thanks Caitlin (:

Over spring break I had the privilege to join Caitlin at one of her events in Venice. She follows the schedule of Lava Mae, another non-profit organization, that provides showers and sanitation for the homeless population. After the dozens of people who came and took showers, they came over to Project Narnia's rack to select a new outfit! This was such a smart way to combine two fabulous necessities for those in need.



  Lava Mae is bae

I got to meet so many amazing people one-on-one and learned about some of their backstories. All of them said that they always look forward to Caitlin's visit and it really warmed my heart to see the impact a single individual like Caitlin can have on the local community.

In fact, one person, without knowing about my organization and my mission, said that receiving the new clothes made them feel comfortable in their own skin. I am so happy to know that what I am doing has the power to make people feel confident with who they are through what they wear. I can't wait to give Caitlin all of the clothes that I have transformed and see what my new friends think! I will keep you guys updated on my next event with Project Narnia (which will be very soon!) and the projects that I will be doing for this amazing women and her organization.

See you in a stitch,


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